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One of our main aims has been to create an orchard planted with apple varieties that would have been grown in the area in the past. The orchard is intended for the local community; to act as a resource for schools; to preserve wildlife associated with orchards and to retain local varieties of apples.

Following fund-raising activities at Apple Days over the past years we have been able to buy some apple trees from the East Of England Apples and Orchards Project and have now planted these on land in Stamford that has been licenced from SKDC.

The Orchard is located at the end of Christ Church Close, PE9 1HS, off Green Lane (what3words location is grass.vase.slower). This location is important, as it is near to local schools and is easily accessible by local residents. We have also allowed the grass and wild flowers to grow and early on we planted bluebells, snowdrops, fritillaria, corncockle, poppy and cowslips as well as sowing other wild flower seeds, later adding more corncockle, greater knapweed, meadow cranesbill, field scabious and some bloody cranesbill.

We now have a meadow look to the orchard which we hope you will enjoy as much as the birds, insects and bees that are now visiting us!

The SCOG nursery is on an allotment in St Clements - pictures here

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