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Origin of SCOG

Having become aware of the existence of community orchards in Nottinghamshire and through reading the literature of “Common Ground”, Max Winslow suggested to Stamford Town Council in 2002 that having failed in their attempt at a Millennium Meadow,  the Council should promote the idea of a Community Orchard  and help in its establishment.

Max Winslow was introduced to Richard Keeble, a local apple juice producer and apple historian. Together they worked as part of the “Stamford in Bloom” team where the idea of holding a local Apple Day was conceived and which subsequently came to fruition in 2004.

During this same period and following a fairly successful participation in the ”Stamford in Bloom“ competition, the team faded and arose again as Stamford Community Orchard Group . This was initially chaired by Richard Keeble; however Max Winslow soon took over and chaired this group with great skill until handing it over to Annie Hall in 2014.

Watch this video we unearthed from 2005, broadcast on East Midlands Today.

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