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Isaac Newton’s apple tree

The orchard at Woolsthorpe Manor contains an apple tree with a special place in history – it’s the tree connected with Isaac Newton’s discovery of the law of gravitation – a story Newton himself told.

East of England Apples and Orchards Project

The East of England Apples and Orchards Project (EEAOP) works to conserve orchard habitat and heritage fruit varieties that arose in the East of England.

Orchard Network

Website of the Habitat Action Plan (HAP) group for Traditional Orchards. A partnership of organisations working together for the conservation of Traditional Orchards as a wildlife habitat.

Apple pressing in action

Watch this video (shot on location in Ketton) and see how it’s done

Bourne Woods Orchard

History of this new orchard, planted in Spring 2012 with 12 apple trees

National Fruit Collection

The National Fruit Collection at Brogdale Farm is one of the largest fruit collections in the world.


fruitID helps identify apple cultivars and other fruit cultivars accurately as part of efforts to conserve heritage varieties and orchards.

National Apple Register

Muriel Smith’s fantastic National Apple Register for the UK is now available as a digital download from FruitID

Traditional Orchard Survey

Part of The People’s Trust for Endangered Species; includes a map of all known UK orchards.

250 varieties of apple on one tree

… thanks to a bit of hard grafting over the years.

Gloucester Orchard Trust

Abundance Network

All over the UK, people harvest gluts of unwanted fruit in their area. Find out from our map if there is a group near you and join in.

The Green Backyard

Community garden in Peterborough

Grafting videos

Useful videos by Stephen Hayes

Tree Council's Orchard Windfall grant scheme

Guidance and application forms for Tree Futures grants, including Orchard WindfallsTrees for Schools and Community Trees. The Orchard Windfalls grant fund is open to all schools and community groups within the United Kingdom, with the condition that children under the age of 16 are involved in the planting or, where the trees are too large to be directly handled by them, related educational activities. This educational aspect might be during the design, planning and planting of the orchard or, in schools, it might be part of curriculum related projects that will be enhanced by the preliminary activities or the subsequent availability of fruit trees on or near to the school site.

Tradfolk Wassailing Directory

Holistic Orchard Management with Michael Phillips

Successful biological orcharding Parts 1-12

Waterfurlong Gardens

Waterfurlong Orchard Gardens - fifty unique, private allotment gardens in the heart of Stamford, created for local townspeople in 1875 by the Marquess of Exeter on pastureland once grazed by the medieval Austin Friars. We are lucky enough to have almost 200 ancient apple trees of numerous heritage varieties and Natural England recognises our plots collectively as a Traditional Orchard

UK Orchard Network

Useful videos

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