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Blossom Day poems by Stamford's Poet Laureates



Snows of Spring 

Grows on trees 

The nectar calls 

To bugs and bees 


Snows of Spring 

Falls from trees 

Caught on tides 

Of warmer breeze 


Snows of Spring 

Lays on Earth 

Now mother trees 

Of fruit give birth. 


Scott Coe, May 2024



Globes of flesh 

Of greens and reds

Fall to earth 

And scholar's heads 

Find their way

To recipes 

Inspire still life

And gravity.


Scott Coe, May 2024

In the Orchard in Spring

by Caroline Avnit

This poem is the first of my Poet Laureate poems, written specifically for National Blossom Day on the Sunday 28th April 2024, celebrated here in Stamford at the Stamford Community Orchard.


Follow the bees -

through the wooden gate

there lies an orchard,

ages old


gnarled trunks and tangled branches,

like limbs intertwined,

embrace the moment

clusters of white petals adorn the trees,

their perfumed scent captured by the wind.


Let us roll out a picnic blanket

and lie here for a while,

lost in thought

gazing up through the canopy of white.


All around the orchard

trees dressed in white blossoms

rise up in greeting,

with the sweet promise of tomorrow.


In this moment beneath the trees,

we can dream of October’s bounty

- slicing into crisp, juicy fruit;

    crumble on a Sunday afternoon,

       toffee-apples as a treat


And if you close your eyes

you can almost smell the cider

from apples, freshly pressed.


Can you feel it?


All around this orchard

nature is offering herself to you.

This orchard is more than a garden,

it’s an invitation,

a gift,

it’s hope.


Hold out your hands in thanks.

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