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Loan of SCOG Apple Processing Kit


Make your own apple juice, cider and cider vinegar! Local community, gardening and school groups in and around Stamford and Rutland are invited to apply for the SCOG Apple Processing Kit. If you have apple trees which produce so much that most of the fruit goes to waste each year – or know of apples which aren’t being eaten – then this is a wonderful way to have fun making your apple juice for the year, celebrating local apples, and reducing your use of imported juice in tetra packs and plastic bottles.

We have an apple press, steam juicer, peeler-corer-slicer, pasteuriser and buckets, as well as a useful guide. You provide the apples and storage bottles so that you can preserve your juice for the year ahead or make cider and cider vinegar. Once pasteurised, the apple juice will keep for a year and still be far more delicious than anything you can buy. So now is your chance to start making your own and start planning fantastic juice making party! Loans for long weekends from October to December to be collected and returned in Ketton
£50 returnable deposit to cover cancellation, loss or damage.

SCOG can lend you:

  • SCOG Apple Processing Kit Guide

  • Four green tubs

  • Two white tubs

  • Apple press, 2 small G-clamps

  • Apple scratter, 2 small G-clamps

  • Electric Pasteuriser, guide

  • Mehu Liisa, guide

  • Peeler-Corer-Slicer, guide

You need to provide:

  • Apples – windfalls or picked, but not heavily bruised or mouldy.

  • Sturdy table for press and scratter, with G-clamps to fit 

For fresh bottling:

  • Plastic pouring jugs and funnels

  • Tea strainer/kitchen sieve

For Pasteuriser/ Mehu Liisa:

  • Oven gloves

  • Large jug to fill cold water

  • Bucket to drain hot water

  • Glass bottles for sterilising should be thoroughly cleaned and have close fitting lids, and should all be the same height.

  • Wooden chopping boards and knives

For clearing and cleaning:

  • Cloths, sponges

  • Mop and bucket

  • Large buckets or wheelbarrow for waste pomace. This can then be put on the compost, fed to pigs or used for making pickles, vinegar or apple wine.

Please return equipment in a dry, clean condition, ie. without apple pieces or pulp as it dries hard on the equipment.


We ask that you take pictures or a video of your processing and email to or put them on Dropbox or similar. We can use these images in our report to the Lottery as we received a grant for the Apples Galore for Everyone Project from Awards for All.


Attached files:
Apple processing kit guide
Apple juice cider vinegar quick guide
Science of cidermaking
Preserving & storing tree fruit
Orchard year planner
Risk assessment
Loan sheet

Collection/ Return from barn:
Brewery House (Next to Northwick Arms)
High Street (A6121)
Ketton, Stamford PE9 3TA

Confirm collection and return time by phoning Adam or Mary on 01780 720 521. Please bring a cheque for £50 made out to Stamford Community Orchard Group, which will be returnable unless equipment is lost or damaged.

SCOG does not provide insurance cover for use of the equipment so it is your responsibility for any personal injury.


Happy pressing,

Adam Cade
SCOG Committee

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