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Apple Wrap

So many things to think about! Every supermarket seems to be selling plastic-packaged apples. They may appear to be clean and free from human contamination. They may even appear more shiny. But think again of all the apples that weren't the right shape, colour or size, and so didn't end up wrapped in plastic. Think again of all those pesticide residues in the apple – such as the fungicide thiabendazole, which past research has shown can penetrate apple peels, and the organophosphate insecticide phosmet.

Other options for the consumer: Buy organic or wonky apples - but they could still be imported and wrapped in plastic. Buy loose on the market stall - but you may have to be quick with your cloth bag before the stallholder pops them into a plastic bag. Producers could wrap them in compostable cellophane or cardboard - but too expensive.

So what are the remaining options – perhaps grow and store your own, but who has more than a small backyard nowadays. Scrump or glean from friends and neighbours or set up a local community orchard, but not everyone has this time-consuming option. Buy British apples and at least consume less pesticide residues than from some imported apples. Return the packaging to the supermarket who hopefully may pass it back to the producer. Otherwise all you are left with is to hope for stronger legislation.

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