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Grafting and Pruning Workshop

SCOG has just had another very successful grafting and pruning workshop on Saturday February 8th.

The grafting workshop used a dozen or so local varieties of apple scion wood which were on offer for participants to graft onto a choice of four different rootstocks - M26, MM106, MM111 and M25. Participants learned the simple whip and tongue graft and how to produce rootstocks from stools.

The Pruning workshop was held in the SCOG Community Orchard in Stamford. In terms of biosecurity participants were taught the importance of clean pruning tools in order to avoid the transfer of diseases from other trees and orchards. Participants were taught the safe use of a range of tools including secateurs, loppers, pruning saws and pole saws. The use of ladders was not recommended unless with a specialist pruning ladder and help from a second person.

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