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Wed July 24th 10-1 pm
Scything - Free Workshop
At SCOG Community Orchard

Come and learn how to scythe and rake grassland at our free workshop in the community orchard.
Scything is a great skill. This ancient farming technique is making a comeback across Europe. We are part of a growing band of mowers that use scythes as a social and quiet conservation tool as well as an outdoor alternative to the fitness gym. It’s certainly hard work but well worth the effort. Swapping noisy, fuel-guzzling machinery for a simple blade is a win for both wildlife and well-being. These islands are blessed with one of the best grass growing climates in the world, so grassland management has always been a necessary activity - whether for feeding livestock through the winter by haymaking, or for keeping on top of lawns and wayside weeds.

What to bring: hat, gloves and something to drink. We will provide scythes and rakes.

Led by: Adam Cade and Jane Peach
Book early as spaces for the workshop are limited to 6 people. Please get in touch for more details.
Register here.


Wed July 24th 2-5 pm
Summer Pruning - Free Workshop
At SCOG Community Orchard

Come and learn how to prune apple trees in the summer for maximum fruit production.
Bring gloves, drinking water and suitable footwear as well as secateurs or pruners if you
have them.
Numbers limited to 10 people.
Register here.

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